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Restore Teeth in Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine Dental Fillings
Saint Augustine Dental Fillings

Tooth decay, if left untreated, will lead to possible pain, infection, abscess and eventual tooth loss and gum disease. Preventing cavities through a comprehensive program of daily brushing and flossing plus regular professional dental cleanings is the best way to protect your teeth. However, if cavities do occur, our doctors will use Saint Augustine dental fillings as a way to restore the effected tooth and restore it to full function.

To restore a decayed tooth, our doctor will clean out the decayed portion of the tooth and then fill it with a mixture of materials and seal it to prevent decay from re-entering the tooth. Traditional Saint Augustine dental fillings are made from gold, amalgams, porcelain or a composite. The most prevalent type of filling material for the past century has been the dental amalgam, which is a combination of several metals including mercury, silver, tin, cooper and others. Some people object to the presence of mercury in the amalgam mixture but research and usage experience over the past century has proven that mercury when combined with these other materials renders it very stable and safe to use as a dental restoration. The strength of amalgam fillings is in their ability to withstand high chewing pressures this makes them ideal for use in molars and pre-molars. Composite fillings are a mixture of glass and quartz in a resin medium that produces a tooth-colored material so there is no dark metal appearance in the tooth as with amalgam fillings. When using a composite filling, our doctor is often able to remove less of the undamaged tooth structure, which is a positive feature. Composite fillings are quite durable but are best used in teeth that small-to mid-sized restorations where chewing pressures are not as strong.

Advances in dental materials and techniques are adding to our practice’s ability to use new state-of-the-art restoratives, including Saint Augustine dental fillings made from ceramic materials and new types of composites. These new materials are strong and durable and they have the advantage of being tooth-color so they are cosmetically more acceptable and won’t blemish the patient’s bright smile. To keep your mouth as healthy and cavity-free as possible, please make an appointment with our office for a check-up so that our doctors can make sure that tooth decay won’t cause you any problems.

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