Emergency Dentist in St Augustine

Emergency Dentist in St. Augustine

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Common Causes of Toothaches in St Augustine

Emergency Dentist in St Augustine
Emergency Dentist in St Augustine

The only thing that you want when a toothache arises is to make it go away. That’s what we do here at Dental Doctors of Florida. Each of the common causes of toothaches are addressed with different types of treatment, but regardless of the measures taken, you should depend on our emergency dentist in St. Augustine.

The simplest cause of a toothache is a cavity that needs to be filled. By the same token, if you have an existing filling that falls out, the same premise applies. Your tooth’s protective layers have been breached by tooth decay, exposing the inside of it, where the nerve is located. Fillings can last a long time, but sooner or later they do need to be replaced. You might also chip or crack one of your teeth. Again, the nerve is exposed, and you have pain in your tooth to show for it. Our emergency dentist in St. Augustine will take impressions so that the dental lab can make a crown to restore the tooth. You will be fitted with a temporary one to keep your tooth protected in the meantime. The goal of prompt care when it comes to a toothache is that the longer the inside of your tooth is left vulnerable, the greater the chances are that you could develop an infection from bacteria that are able to get past the outer portion of your tooth. If that occurs, you will need root canal from our emergency dentist in St. Augustine. Despite the reputation this procedure has gotten, you will actually find it to be comfortable. Little or no discomfort is typically reported.

Don’t wait for a toothache to remedy itself. It’s very unlikely to subside without intervention. Call us right away and we will have you seen as soon as possible.

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