Dental in St Augustine

Dental in St. Augustine

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Preventive Care in St. Augustine

Dental in St Augustine
Dental in St Augustine

Preventive care is so vital because of the fact that having to treat problems after they have already developed is considerably more complicated, often painful, and even expensive. At Dental Doctors of Florida, you can be assured that with a little effort on your part and the attention of our dentist in St. Augustine, you have an excellent chance of maintaining strong, healthy teeth and gums for a long time to come.

It all begins with you. Be careful not to have too much sugar in your diet, either in foods or drinks. Sugar, along with starch, cause more plaque to form, and it’s plaque that is at the center of causing tooth decay and gum disease. Brush your teeth twice per day, and floss once. You’ll eliminate most of your plaque, though any that manages to escape your oral hygiene will harden into tartar. You cannot efficiently eliminate tartar buildup on your own. Our dentist in St. Augustine can do so, however. Come in once every six months for a full examination. You’ll also have a teeth cleaning, which is responsible for eradicating all the tartar and any leftover plaque. It will also reverse any effects of early stage gum disease, also called gingivitis. And this is crucial because if allowed to progress to its advanced stage, periodontitis, gum disease can go way beyond simple redness and irritation. The outcome may be receding gums, bleeding when you brush, receding gums, infection of the gums, and more. Your visit two times per year to our dentist in St. Augustine is also important for the diagnosis and treatment of cavities so that they do not grow large enough to cause toothaches and infections.

Now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment at our office by contacting us. Your oral health deserves it.

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