Cosmetic Dentistry in St. Augustine

St. Augustine One Day Dentures

Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to the dentist and leave with a full set of dentures the very same day? Yes it would be great … and today it is possible! When you come to Dental Doctors of Florida for Extra resources, One Day Dentures make same-day affordable dentures a reality.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in St. Augustine

At Dental Doctors of Florida we provide preventive, restorative, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Our doctors, Dr. Christine Trunk and Dr. Merlin Ohmer also provide patients with One Day Dentures. This is a great way for patients to get a complete set of dentures immediately in one office visit. When people come to us for Extra resources they are excited to learn about this new revolution in dentures. What used to take four to five dental office visits is now able to happen in only a few hours of time in the dentist’s office. This saves our patients money not only in the dentist’s time spent but also in reduced lab costs. All this is possible with the Larell One Step Denture System. Dentists are now able to fabricate full dentures in about an hour. Dentures are made from semi-custom templates and are made to be able to create a perfect fit for almost any patient. The teeth are made of high-quality acrylic and are ADA and FDA approved.

Some say that Extra resources will never be the same since the introduction of Larell One Day Dentures! This is an important breakthrough in the way dentures are made. And patients are now able to get dentures at greatly reduced costs. The actual time to complete the denture making process takes about one hour. And this way of denture creation is a predictable way to create quality dentures for our patients. Now many more of our patients are able to get dentures thanks to the reduced cost. If you have looked into getting dentures in the past but were stopped by the high cost, contact our office today to learn more about One Day Dentures. One of our fine dentists will be happy to talk to you about this new product and what it can mean for you. One Day Dentures will make you feel secure and confident as you once again go out to meet friends and co-workers. And you will be able to eat comfortably – not to mention the fact that you will look great. If you need dentures we hope that you will contact our office regarding this innovative and exciting life-changing product.

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