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Tooth Extraction in St. Augustine

Extractions in St. Augustine

Tooth extraction in St. Augustine

Tooth extraction in St. Augustine

If you have a tooth that needs to be extracted, we can perform this dental service at Dental Doctors of Florida. Of course, our goal is always to save the tooth, but when tooth extraction in St. Augustine is necessary, our Florida dentist can expertly provide the service.

There are several different reasons why a patient may need to have a tooth extraction in St. Augustine. When you need to have a tooth extraction, it can be performed by one of our expert dentists, either Dr. Christine Trunk or Dr. Merlin P. Ohmer. Sometimes our patient is having orthodontic treatment and one or several tooth extractions need to be performed in order to allow all teeth to move into their most desirable positions. Today, interceptive orthodontic care for children enables us to avoid much of these tooth extractions. Other times, our patient may have a tooth that is infected or damaged in its interior. This will usually signal the need for a root canal treatment. However, not all teeth can be saved by a root canal. If a tooth is too damaged and cannot be saved in this manner, the only other course of action to take is to extract the tooth to stop the tooth pain, and so that the infection can be effectively treated. Wisdom teeth are often a source of tooth pain. They develop many different problems when trying to erupt since they are the last teeth in the mouth to come in. For this reason, many wisdom teeth become either impacted or infected. When this is the case, wisdom teeth need to be extracted. Since wisdom teeth are not needed for complete chewing, or for proper speech, wisdom teeth do not need to be replaced after the tooth extraction.

For an appointment to receive a tooth extraction in St. Augustine, or to have your tooth pain problem carefully assessed, contact our office.

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