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Dental Implants in Saint Augustine

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Dental implants in Saint Augustine

Dental implants in Saint Augustine

No one wants to lose teeth, but it is something that many people end up having to deal with at some point or another during your lifetime. Many people associate tooth loss with old age, as this is a common occurrence of people whose teeth have become weak. As your teeth grow weak, they may become subject to decay and disease and eventually fall out. Decay and disease can also affect people who have poor dental health and hygiene as well, but injury may also need to tooth loss as well. In any event, it is important that you have any missing teeth replaced as soon as you possibly can. Living with missing teeth can do a great deal of damage to your dental health over time, even if the initial reason as to why you lost your teeth in the first place has already caused initial trauma. Continuing to live with an incomplete bite can make this trauma worse. Why it is so important that you seek help in terms of dental replacement as soon as you can and we here at Dental Doctors of Florida May be able to help you get https://www.runningtime.net/.

There are several different options available to people who have lost teeth. The most part, it depends on exactly how you lost your teeth in the first place as well as how many teeth you have lost and what your needs and preferences happen to be. For people who are missing very few teeth, then dental bridges me be the best option. For people who are missing a more significant amounts of teeth, then dentures may be more suitable instead. If you happen to be looking for a realistic looking solution and you may be more interested in dental implants in either case. Dental implants involve surgically inserting artificial tooth roots into your jaw bone. These roots are composed of titanium posts that will meld with the bone as they heal. Once the healing process is complete, a completely customized set of dental implants in Saint Augustine can be placed into the posts. Here at Dental Doctors of Florida, our dentist will work with you in order to create as realistic of a smile as possible. Because dental implants are surgically inserted instead of applied with the use of an adhesive or the use of dental crowns, they remain firmly in place like real teeth would and allow you to eat and speak with absolute confidence.

There are several different options available to you when you lose teeth, and all are viable options when it comes to restoring your smile and your dental health. If you are looking for the most realistic looking option then https://www.runningtime.net/ is the option for you. If you would like to learn more I would like to schedule an examination then please call us here at Dental Doctors of Florida today.

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